A Review On AI-Writer.com – AI Content Generator Tool in less than 5 mins

AI-Writer.com Review

AI writing assistants or tools are becoming more popular in the market with clients that need to generate content for a specific topic or niche. Digital agencies are also using them to generate all kinds of content for their clients.

AI writing tools also help freelance writers to save time especially on the research and for myself, not a good content writer but having an AI writer assistant is able to help me with ideas when I am stuck on my writing. In this article, I will be sharing my experience with using this tool called AI-Writer.

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What is AI-Writer ?

AI-Writer is developed and founded by Fabian Langer. Unlike other popular AI writing tools, Conversion.ai uses Open AI and GTP-3. I will say it is a simple UI/UX  without much learning curve with minimum configuration and options,  and easy to use content generator tool where it just simply input keywords or titles.

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AI-Writer Features

As you can see in the menu below, there are 3 key features and I will be going in detail in the next section.

  • Research & Write – this allows you to input title or keyword to generate content for you automatically with just one click.
  • Text Rewording – in short, it is a rewrite or rephrases of the content you have input.
  • SEO Editor – I think this is a new feature in 2021 which is an editor tool helps you to optimise the keywords.

AI-Writer Features

Research & Write

As mentioned earlier, you just need to input the title/keywords and click on the Write Article button then the tool will generate content automatically for you.

 AI-Writer Research and Write

I will be doing an example below for you to have a clearer picture and understanding. For this demo, I will input “How Can AI Writing Tools Helps You with Your writing”.

AI-Writer Research and Write- example1

After you hit on the Write Article button, the tool will then research and generate the content. The whole process will take less than 5 mins. You are also able to track the progress below.

 AI-Writer Research and Write- example 2

Once the content generation is completed, you should be able to see these 3 options.  These 3 options delete, download, and open in the workspace. For the download, it will be in .txt format.

 AI-Writer Research and Write- example 3

After I clicked on the open in workspace icon, you can see the output for AI-Writer that has been generated below in less than 5 minutes in these 2 screenshots below. You can also open the generated content in their SEO editor directly using the button located at the top right to do improve and editing of the content.

Overall, I feel the content generated by AI-Writer is pretty decent. But the facts & numbers etc will need to verify whether how accurate is it. It will be great if the content generated can be more readable and better structured. The content generated sometimes can be so readable and smooth flowing. You can see the readability score from Flesch Reading Ease & Gunning Fog.

AI-Writer.com Readability Score

In addition, as you can see there are cited sources provided as well for the content generated by AI-Writer.

 AI-Writer Research and Write- example 4a - result

Plagiarism Test

I am using Copyscape to check on plagiarism and its uniqueness for the content generated by AIWriter. In this example, it looks good. Based on my previous experience, sometimes it will have few possible plagiarism results using Copyscape hence it is recommended to do a check first.

AI-Writer Research and Write- example 5- copyscape plagiarism result

Text Rewording

For AI-Writer’s text rewording, it is rewriting and rephrasing the content that you input in the textbox and it allows up to 1750 words. In this example, I will be showing you their AI-Writer’s text rewording feature with 2 paragraphs of earlier generated content.

You can input the content’s title or keywords in the headline textbox located above the Rewrite this Text button.

 AI-Writer Rewording Example 1

Similar to Research & Write, you can download the rewritten result in a text file or view it on the workspace directly.  This is the result after rewriting and you can compare the earlier output result from Research & Write for the first 3 paragraphs.

AI-Writer Rewording Example 2 Result

SEO Editor

For the SEO editor, I did not really use and test this feature therefore I am unable to comment much on this. This feature allows you to edit your content to optimize the recommended keywords to be included in the content.

AI-Writer - SEO Editor Feature

API Access

Another attractive for AI-Writer feature will be API Access. It is a tool that provides an easy way to generate content by simply inputting specific keywords and phrases into a query.

I have not tried this feature yet but there is documentation & examples available.

AI-Writer API access

AI-Writer Pricing & Plans

It is a monthly subscription and comes with 3 different plans depending on the number of credits you need.

For example, Basic Plan which is $29 per month has 40 credits. Whenever you do a content generation from Research & Write or the Rewording it will cost you 1 credit per content generated.

Do also note that any unused credits will not be brought over to next month.

AI-Writer Pricing and Plans

Find Out More About AI-Writer Here

What I Like & Dislike About AI-Writer

Here is a short summary of what I like and dislike about AI writer

AI-Writer Review


  • Simple, Easy To Use UI
  • API Access
  • Content generated by AI-Writer is decent, able to understand
  • Able to generate long-form content easily with few inputs


  • Support Can Be Slow
  • Poor Formatting, Structure. Require manual work to improve its readability
Compared to other AI writing tools avaliable in current market, this is only tool actually able to generate a decent long form content with about 800-1000 words easily with just few inputs.

Final Thoughts

With this tool, you will be able to produce any type of content with just a few inputs easily. Whether you need just one article or an entire website’s worth, it will be able to handle the task quickly and without confusion with complex configuration. Furthermore, I believe the API access is able to save you time to automate the content-generating process.

After all, I still feel that AI Writer might not be sufficient enough to generate well-structured, readable, good quality content yet. It will still require you to do manual editing and formating but it will be still very helpful as your personal AI assistant for your writing. Hope to see more breakthroughs for this AI Writer.

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