Google Adsense Approval Tricks

Google Adsense Approval Tricks

Using Google Adsense is one of the common ways to monetize your website to earn some money. Before you can configure the ads displayed on your website to start earn money, it is important to get your website approved by Google.

In this article Google Adsense Approval tricks, I will share some of the approaches to help you with the approval process based on my personal experience. Some of these tricks & tips simply require making minor changes on your website. In addition,  it will also help your site visitors to have a better browsing experience.


6 Best Approaches & Tricks To Helps You With Google Adsense Approval

Before I start sharing, I am using the same approaches before applying for Google Adsense. Currently, I have 5 sites.

 Google Adsense Sites Approved

You may also want to read up on this Google Adsense Progam Policy to have a better understanding before you start applying.

1. SSL Certificate

Personally, I feel that an SSL certificate is a must-have for every website as it ensures that the site is secure and the customer data is protected from hackers. It also looks more professional and trustworthy to the visitor if they visit a website on HTTPS with an SSL certificate installed.

Most of the web hosting providers do provide SSL certificates as well. You can check with your web hosting providers directly.

2. Contents

Good quality content is very important, the content should be unique, informative, useful value to your readers. I came across Google Adsense Community that there are quite a number of sites were rejected due to thin content.

For example, those with product reviews page which does not provide much valuable information to the readers as they just simply use very generic information like product features, description directlyg and re-using images from the manufacturer.

In addition, you should update your existing articles if needed to provide more updated content and new content should update regularly.

Lastly, I also feel that you should have at least a decent amount of good quality articles before applying for Google Adsense. There is no magic or minimum numbers defined by Google. In my case, I will only apply if at least 15-20 useful informative articles I think make more sense.

3. Must-Have Essential Pages

It will be good if you can create essential pages to provide more information to your readers and it also looks more professional, trustworthy, and legit to the readers.

About Us / Site Page

Give a proper introduction about yourself, the site, etc. Good to have some photos embedded in it.

Contact Us Page

 You also can create a contact us page and this also allows your reader to connect to you through the contact form. This form can be easily created with a contact form plugin especially when you are on WordPress.

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions Pages

I will cover more on the importance of having these pages for your website. For a start, you can easily generate both privacy policy and the terms & conditions pages online easily with a standard template. Simply do a search like a privacy policy generator.

4.  Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design Site

In this era, it is important and another must-have for your site. The site must be responsive which gives more flexibility to all different visitors using different devices like desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones with different screen sizes.

Why did I emphasize on Mobile-Friendly site? As Google did highlight on Mobile First which also helps in your SEO for your website too. You may read here:

5. Easy and Clear Navigation Bar For Users

Your site must be user-friendly and easy for your users to navigate. It is recommended to have a menu to properly display out the different categories of your website for your visitors to easily navigate around.

For example, if you have a blog site about Dogs. Besides having About Us, & Contact US on the menu, You can have different categories like Breeds, Grooming, Food, Training, etc.

6. Add your website into Google Search Console

It is a useful and must-have tool for all webmasters. When you have all of the pages listed in the sitemap, it is easier for Google to find, index, and rank them.

You will be able to use Google Search Console to see how well your site performs, issues and backlinks, etc.

What Do You Need To Apply For Google Adsense

Unlike other display ads, there is no minimum traffic required. In order to apply for Google Adsense, you will need the following:

  1. Gmail Account with accurate personal information
  2. At least 18 years old according to their policy
  3. Comply with AdSense Program policies

Do note that you will need to ensure your mobile phone number and address are correct. They will send you to do verification, especially for payment.

How Long Will It Takes For Google Adsense To Approve?

Generally, it took around 1-2 weeks to be approved for all my sites. A notification email will be sent to you to inform you that your site is ready to serve ads on Adsense,

This is part of the email content:

B41 - Google ADsense email notification

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you will find this Google Adsense Approval Tricks useful and easy to follow. All these approaches that I shared will also help and benefit your site in long run.

To conclude, there are many new websites born each day.  A good website has to be user-friendly, easy to understand, provide a good surfing experience for your visitors. Most importantly, as long you have put effort into your content, the site content is providing your reader’s insights and values. I believe this will attract readers to come back again in the future and also is what Google also looking for the sites.

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