Keysearch Review – Affordable Alternative Keywords Research Tool

Keysearch Review

KeySearch is an all-in-one tool or another cheaper alternative for Ahrefs/Semrush which includes keywords research, competitor site analysis, backlink checker, rank tracking etc.

Most importantly,  it is able to help you find the low competition, best relevant keywords to use in your content in your websites and blogs. had made this tool so easy to use & navigate around and affordable which edged over  Ahrefs or Semrush that make it suitable for bloggers, internet marketer or entrepreneur as an individual where monthly subscription is one of the key concern.

As for myself, I started using this tool in 2019 for my websites and using this to check on other websites as well. I believe it is a good time for me to do a simple guide and overview for this Keysearch Review.

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Features in Keysearch Tool

I will be going through some of the useful features of the keyword search tool.

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Keywords Research

The screenshot below is the interface for the keyword research in Keysearch, it is neat and simple, easy to understand.  Firstly, you can type the keywords in the textbox. In the example below, I have entered big screen monitors for work from home. You also can use All Locations or specify the location in the dropdown menu.

It will show the result as the screenshot below after hitting the Search button. It will show you the difficulty level of the keywords that you entered.

In this case, it showing as fairly difficult with a score of 53. It will also show other useful stats like Volume, CPC, and PPC for the keywords to help with your keyword research process.

keyword research in keysearch

During your keyword research process, Keysearch also allows you to have the flexibility to do filtering with the various different options in the screenshot below.

Keysearch - keyword research filter options

SERP Analysis

Under the SERP Analysis,  it will show the SERP  for the top 10 sites with some basic site metrics like the DA (Domain Authority) & the PA (Page Authority) etc.

In addition, it also shows the number of backlinks for the URL. Most importantly, with one look you are also able to see whether the web page is optimized in the title, meta description & URL.

keyword research serp analysis in keysearch

Under the Ranking/Traffic tab, beside the total keywords and estimated traffic for the domain. It also shows the number of keywords ranked for the URL, estimate traffic.

keyword research serp analysis in keysearch - 2

In the Social tab, it will refer to the number of shares in Facebook and Pinterest for this URL.

keyword research serp analysis in keysearch - Social

The Keysearch tool is also smart enough to give you some suggestions of other related keywords that you can consider.Keysearch - Suggested keywords


The explorer in Keysearch gives better insights like the domain strength, number of backlinks and referring domains, the total number of organic keywords, and estimated traffic for the entire domain or the specific page depending on the option you select in the dropdown.

keysearch - explorer example

Other useful information like the top competitors, referring domains, the anchor text that links to the domain or URL which is quite similar to other paid tools like Ahrefs, Semrush offered.

keysearch - explorer example - 2

Competitor Analysis

Keysearch offers backlink and organic keywords checker, competitor gap, URL metic, and page analyzer in the Competitor Analysis menu. Organic keywords check is one of my favorite features that I often use to analyze on other competitor sites.

Let’s dive in and briefly take a look at each of these features

Simply input the URL or domain name and it will show the total number of backlinks and referring domains which is similar to the explorer.

The backlinks with the URL will display at the bottom of the table which also gives you the flexibility to export out.

Personally, I do feel that Ahrefs will be more accurate compared to Keysearch after comparing my other sites with Ahrefs.  On the same website, it seems like Keysearch have lesser backlinks compared to Ahrefs.

Keysearch Review - Backlink Checker

Organic Keywords

As mentioned earlier, this is one of my most used features in Keysearch.  I like to use it to analyze what are the keywords that other competitors ranked and during my keyword research process for new content.

The interface is easy to use, you can sort by position, volume, traffic etc and it also have export feature for you to export out the report.

Keysearch Review - Organic Keywords

Competitor Gap

This is not a unique feature, it is like what other popular SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush have offered in their app.  Keysearch also has its own Competitor Gap feature that allows you to check on the keywords gap between your site and your competitor’s site.

You can see over here in the screenshot below that I am comparing the other 2 related sites on the left. Keysearch’s competitor gap then will display the list of gaps which referring to the keywords that the 2 other sites ranked yet another site on the right did not rank in the SERP.

In this case, you can use all the keyword gaps that identified here to create more useful content with the missing keywords which will help you gain more traffics.

Keysearch Review - Competitor Gaps

URL Metrics

I am not really sure what is it really for but to me, it seems like it performs a similar function as Explorer which I covered earlier. After keying the URL, it will display all the site metrics include the DA, PA, Alexa Ranking, etc.

Page Analyzer

In short, this Page Analyzer in Keysearch does generate a decent report in PDF with a site score that includes how optimized is the website in terms of SEO, site speed, and more.

YouTube Research

Keysearch also offers Youtube Research features that include Youtube keyword research which is almost similar to the keyword search that I covered earlier.

I am not too sure how accurate the diffculty score is compared to other Youtube tools like vidIQ. Will update here again once I get the chance to test both of these products.

Keysearch Review - Youtube Research


Rank Tracking

In Keysearch’s Rank Tracking, it works like other keyword tracking tools like Serprobot for your website. It shows the ranking position, overall keywords performance.

Keysearch - Rank Tracker

For the starter plan, it allows track up to 50 keywords. To track more keywords, you are able to upgrade with up to 3 different available options:

  • 50 keywords for an additional $7 USD monthly
  • 100 keywords for an additional $12 USD monthly
  • 200 keywords for an additional $19 USD monthly

Keysearch Pricing

According to website, it offers 2 different plans which are Starter and the Pro.

As you can see it also offers a one-month free trial, with no credit card info needed. If you keen to find sign up, you can use the Keysearch coupon code below to enjoy an additional 20% off.

Keysearch Pricing

You can use this Keysearch Coupon Code with the button below to enjoy additional 20% OFF your subscription: KSDISC

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article on Keysearch Review will give you a better understanding of how the Keysearch tool work and some of the key features.

It may not be the best SEO tool compared to Ahrefs or SEMrush, which is not suitable for large digital agencies or organizations. I feel that this affordable subscription price range, where it has all the most basic essential features that are sufficient & decent enough for startups, bloggers, or individuals like myself.

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