Project Leo – 2021 Quarter 3 Update

By41 - Project Leo Q3 2021

Since the last monthly update was June, I have decided to update this project quarterly instead as there are no significate changes for this site except adding new content regularly.

For the past 3 months, the site traffic is still showing no sign of recovery or any improvement since the last Google core update in June 2021. This is the current status from Ahrefs

Project Leo - Q3 Ahrefs Stats




Project Leo Content - Q3 2021

Has been focusing on other sites as well and am busy attending classes since July. At the same time, I am trying to cope with my day job, class, family, and other personal projects.

Hence, only managed to add 20 articles to this site between July to Sep 2021. The site currently sitting at about 175 articles and hopefully can reach at least 200 articles by end of this year.


Google Analytic Project Leo - Q3 2021

For the last 3 months, there are 9180 users in total. Nearly 80% of the traffics came from Organic search and the social media channels like Pinterest, Facebook, it make up about 6.9%. There is a slight decline in traffic in Aug & Sep 2021 compared to July 2021.

Here is the breakdown by month for quarter 3, 2021.

July 2021

Everything is going downward trend for  July 2021 except for the bounce rate. The Google core update impact to this site is kinda huge, as overall I am seeing a 30-35% drop for my site traffic.

Total Users: 3,442 (-507) vs Jun 2021 – 3,949

Total Pageviews: 4,717 (-301) vs Jun 2021 – 5,018

Bounce Rate: 78.80%  (+9.02%) vs Jun 2021 – 87.82%

GA - Leo Jul 2021

Aug 2021

Similarly, there is no sign of recovery and the traffic continues to drop for Aug 2021 compared to Jul 2021.

Total Users: 2,918 (-530) vs Jul 2021 – 3,442

Total Pageviews: 3,719 (-998) vs Jul 2021 – 4,717

Bounce Rate: 88.33%  (-9.53%) vs Jul 2021 – 78.80%

GA - Leo Aug 2021

Sep 2021

Similar to August 2021, there is no improvement in Sep 2021 as well despite new contents are added every month.

Total Users: 2,919 (+1) vs Aug 2021 – 2,918

Total Pageviews: 3,570 (-149) vs Aug 2021 – 3,719

Bounce Rate: 89.50%  (-1.17%) vs Aug 2021 – 88.33%

GA - Project Leo Sep 2021


The income for this site will be

Amazon Affiliate :$60.90

Sponsered Posts/Link Insertion: $25

Project Leo - Amazon Affliate - Jul 2021

Project Leo - Amazon Affiliate - Aug 2021

Project Leo - Amazon Affiliate - Sep 2021

Social Media

On a positive note, this site does have Youtube, Facebook Page, Pinterest, and Twitter profile pages for increase exposure on social media and hopefully it can direct in more traffic from the social media.

My main focus will be Twitter & Pinterest are automated using IFFT and Plugins to make the process easier. And for Youtube, I am trying out a tool called Pictory to automated video content with a voice-over from some of my informational articles. I will give a proper update for the next quarterly update.

Here are some of the snapshots from the social media stats:


Project Leo - Pinterest Q3 2021 -2

Project Leo - Pinterest Q3 2021


Started this Youtube channel in early July 2021, purely organics and no paid ads was done so far. Been trying to upload 1-2 videos consistently every week. Hopefully can see some breakthroughs over the next few months.

Project Leo - Youtube Q3 2021

Final Thoughts

As usual, I will be trying to upload more new content to the site and hopefully can recover back the traffic back which will be about 5k pageviews to before the June Google core update.

Most likely, I will not able to hit the target for this year that I aim for, which is 10k page views monthly. On the positive side, Pinterest has grown steadily over the last few months which achieved over 10k monthly views which is one of the targets for this project.

For the next quarter Q4 update, I am able to have at least 200 articles for this site which is also one of the goals for this project.

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