Project Leo – 2021 Quarter 4 Update

B41- Project Leo - 2021 Quarter 4 Update

It is a late update as I was busy with work and some other stuff for other sites & family. It is the brand new year 2022. There will be a slight change in my focus on this Project Leo.

Overall the site did have some signs of slight improvement during Nov 2021 but it went down again in Dec 2021 due to Google Core Update for Product Reviews in Dec 2021. The site was badly hit as the traffic down to as low as 2k pageviews monthly which were about over 1o0% decline where the peak in 2021 was 6k pageviews.

To be honest, I am quite disappointed as failed to achieve 10,000 pageviews yet the traffic went down despite about 100 new contents being added in 2021.  On the bright side, I would say it will be a good learning lesson and experience since Project Leo is my first affiliate site where I did a lot of testing like link building, engaging different writers. The site covered multiple niches like general blogs instead of specialized one niche where I thought initially to build a site like TheVerge.

Lets me share the breakdown of the site traffic & income, etc.



Firstly for content, I managed to hit a total of slightly over 200 articles for Project Leo.  At the end of Dec 2021, the site was having 202 articles.

Project Leo Q4 Update for Content Articles

If breakdown by months, 25 articles were added in the last quarter (Oct-Dec 2021)

B41 - Project Leo Q4 Update for Content Articles Breakdown by months


As for the site traffic, as you can see from the screenshot below. The site traffic is going downward trend after December 2021 where easily less than 100 users per day compared in October and Nov 2021 which has more than 100 users daily.  In total, there were 10,350 users in the last quarter of 2021 for Project Leo.

Project Leo Q4 Update for Site Traffics Oct to Dec 2021

The main source of traffic came from organics which make up about 70% and 17% from social media which majority came from Pinterest.

Project Leo Q4 Update for Site Traffics by Channels Oct to Dec 2021

Compared Traffic between Q3 and Q4 2021

Instead of breakdown by month which I think is meaningless as of now, I will give a short summary comparison between Q3 and Q4

Q3 2021 Q4 2021 Differences
Total Traffic 9,180 10,350 +1,170
Organics 7,371 7,186 -185
Social Media 638 1,783 +1,145
Pageviews 12,016 12,801 +785
Bounce Rate 85.13% 88.75% -3.62%


The breakdown of total income for Project Leo in Q4 2021 as follows:

Amazon Affiliate US for Oct 2021 :$18.90

Amazon Affiliate US for Nov 2021 :$11.16

Amazon Affiliate US for Dec 2021 :$68.70

Amazon Affiliate CA & UK for Q4 :$40.83

Sponsored Posts/Link Insertion for Dec 2021: $35

Total Income for Project Leo: $174.59

You may refer to the screenshot below.

Project Leo – Amazon Affiliate US for Oct 2021 Income

B41 - Project Leo Q4 - Amazon US affiliate Oct 2021

Project Leo – Amazon Affiliate US for Nov 2021

Project Leo Q4 - Amazon US affiliate Nov 2021

Project Leo – Amazon Affiliate US for Dec 2021 Income

B41 - Project Leo Q4 - Amazon US affiliate - Dec 2021

Project Leo – Amazon Affiliate CA & UK for Q4 Income

B41 - Project Leo Q4 - Amazon US affiliate - Global 2021 Q4

Social Media

As I have shown in the traffic comparison table for the site traffic, it is healthy growth for the social media platform, especially for Pinterest.  The Pinterest account for the Project Leo site has already reached over 40k monthly views and as of now, I am writing this it is currently fall back to 21 monthly reviews.

As for the youtube channel for this Project Leo site, there are 39 videos in the channel and 12 subscribers. I did not do much for this Youtube channel and post at least 1 video every week which is mostly focused on the informational articles I have on my Project Leo website. I will try to cover the tools I used in more detail for creating videos at a later stage.

Plans for Project Leo in 2022

To be honest, after a few major setbacks in 2021, I decided not to have any major plans for this site as I will shift more focus to another site this year.  I not saying that I will abandon this project but I will continue to input more new useful articles.  The top priority will be trying to recover my site traffic and fixed the old contents.

I will still do the following for Project Leo in 2022

  1. 4 to 5 articles every month or at least 1 article weekly.
  2. User growth for Youtube and Pinterest social media channel
  3. Post at least 1 video every week on Youtube Channel

Final Thoughts

Although this Project Leo is not a good example to show how successful it can be. There are a few key points I would like to highlight that I learn from this Project Leo.

Firstly,  the initial planning like keyword research etc is very important especially for a new site. There are few articles that actually target tough keywords where it will be difficult for me to rank in SERP.

Secondly. the quality of the articles is very important as it needs to provide value to the reader, I did engage different writers to try out and the quality of the content can be not as good especially for the product reviews. I might personally re-write those articles, especially those that fall out of the SERP.

Lastly, things will be easier if the site is focused on one single niche and go in-depth into that topic. The site for Project Leo currently looks like a very general information blog site with product reviews. I am also not very sure how I going to fix this but I will still continue to put in new articles that target easy keywords related to the current site that is covered.

Hope the things I will be doing can recover the site and there is more positive news for this Project Leo in the next quarter update.

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