Project Leo – March 2021 Update

By41 - Project Leo March 2021 Update

Progress update for March 2021. Overall, it is slightly better than the previous month. Partly because there are 3 additional days for March as Feb 2021 only has 28 days. I am trying to come out with a standard template for this monthly report. Hopefully, it be ready by next month.

The last week of March was busy with the website migration over to Cloudways. I will try to cover more in a separate article.



I managed to post 9 new articles, 16k words for Project Leo to make it a total of 22 articles for this year. Still about 80 articles away for the year 2021. Will try to pump in at least 10 articles from April onwards.

Project-Leo Word Counts- March 2021



The traffic stands around 150-190 daily for the month of March. There is a spike on 24 March 2021, where I believe it came from bot traffic as I do see some other’s journeys also having this spike around that period. The majority of the traffic came from organic search.

Project-Leo Google Analytics - March 2021

Pageviews around 7k but there are about 600 from 24 March spike bot traffics.  Project-Leo Google Analytics 2 - March 2021


As for the income, it will break down into Amazon Affiliate, Media for the display advertising and there is a link placement request. In short for Project Leo’s income achieved in March 2021:

Amazon Affiliate: $29.92

Media Net: $11.87

Link Placement: $25

Total: $66.85

Amazon Earnings ScreenshotProject-Leo Amazon March 2021


Media.Net Earnings Screentshot

Project-Leo MediaNet - March 2021


Planning for the next month

I will still continue to add in more articles and work on few guest posts. Hope to see some improvement in traffics and earnings in the 2nd half of the year.

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