Project Sagi – Fully Focus on Informational Contents – Q1 2022 Update

B41 - Project Sagi - Q1 2022 Update

Wow! , 3 months have passed so quickly and it is time for Project Sagi Quarter 1 update for 2022. The main focus will be pumping in new content daily and hopefully able to see some positive results in 2nd half of 2022.



As of today, the site currently has 164 articles compared to my previous update which was 89 articles. There are 75 articles already posted in Q1 2022, although is not a lot, unlike some other people’s sites whereby they can easily pump in over 100 articles in just one month.

My aim for this site will be at least 1 article daily by end of 2022 or hopefully can reach at least 400 articles in total by end of the year.

 Project Sagi - Number of Articles Q1 2022



Keywords Tracking

As for keyword tracking in SERPRobot, so far did not see any major progress yet for those new articles added in Q1. Hopefully by Q3 and Q4 able to see some positive results.

This is the summary for keywords tracking in Q1 2022

Project Sagi - Serprobot Q1 2022

This is the serprobot screenshot in month 0, the previous update  in Jan 2022:

Project Sagi - Keywords Tracking in Serprobot stats in Jan 2022


There is not much result for the site traffic, still hoving below 50 users daily. Here is the screenshot for the last quarter’s site traffic from Google Analytics. About 90% of the traffics are from organics search

Project Sagi - Traffics from Google Anaytics Q1 2022

Here is the breakdown by month:

Jan 2022 – 884

Feb 2022 – 848

March 2022 – 837.


The site only made $58.62 and this site’s main focus will be display ads as almost 90% of the articles are informational and without any buyer intent.

Here is the income from Amazon Affiliate:

B41 - Project Sagi - Amazon Affiliate Income Q1 2022


As for Adsense income for Project Leo, $10.32 for the last quarter. Here is the income from Google Adsense:

B41 - Project Sagi - Google Adsense Income Q1 2022

What Is My Plan for Q2 2022

I will still continue to add new content for the next 3 months so the estimate will be at least an additional 90 articles (based on 1 content daily).

Secondly, I also try to increase the social presence of this site on the following platform:

  • Pinterest – Currently already have 2K monthly views. It will create a new pin whenever there is new content
  • Facebook Page – Similar to Pinterest, will auto do posting whenever there is new content in the site. Am using Zapier for this automation.
  • Twitter – Similar to the earlier 2 social media platforms, will also automatically create a new tweet for new content. Currently have over 200 followers.
  • Instagram – Created a new account for this site in late March, mainly doing some niche-related posting for this IG.
  • Youtube – Am exploring this option since I have a to create some informational videos if possible.

I already started a couple of guest posts and niche edits, some are through my manual outreach to the webmaster.


That’s the end of the update for Project Sagi and hope can see some breakthroughs in the next upcoming update in Q2 2022. Stay tune.

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