Project Sagi – Fully Focus On This Neglected Site for 2022 | Month 0

B41- Project Sagi Month 0

Last month I have decided to shift my focus to this website instead as I feel that this site might have good potential for long-term growth.

Throughout 2021, this website has been doing quite stable without any major impact by Google Core Update, unlike my Project Leo. Although it has no major growth or breakthrough as I only pump in around 1-2 articles every month last year to keep the site active and there is no link building done as well.



Started this site as a new .com domain name and now this website is 2 years old. I named this Project Sagi since the site is born in December 2019 based on horoscope stars. It is Pets related niche.

I outsource site content initially in the year 2020 to an agency that helped me create this site but I stopped and try to manage this by myself to my writer instead. The main reason will be I can have a better understanding of the site nich and contents covered. It also allows me to decide how the site going to be moving forward

This is the current stats from ahrefs:

Project Sagi - Ahrefs Stats-



Project Sagi currently already has 89 articles and as you can see in the screenshot below, I have been neglecting this site by having 1-2 posts every month last year to keep the site active and new content.

Project Sagi - monthly content update

Keywords Tracking

Moving forward, I will be using SERPROBOT to keep track of the keywords to monitor the progress.

Project Sagi - Keywords Tracking in Serprobot stats in Jan 2022


Based on Google Analytics, you can see that in the year 2021 it only has less than 50 users daily most of the time.

Project Sagi - Google Analytics Site Traffic in 2021-



Project Sagi will be on Amazon Affiliate Program as well and for the entire year 2021 generated about  $275.45

Project Sagi - Amazon Affiliate Income in year 2021

For display ADs, the site is approved and running on Google Adsense.  You can find out more tips on how can I prepare a site for Google Adsense Approval.

The entire 2021 income from Google Adsense is about $20.

Project Sagi - Google Adsense Stats in 2021-

What Had I Done So Far in Month 0

I have started the preparation since the start of 2022. Here are some of the work been done over the last few weeks.

Keywords Research For New Contents

I have completed the keyword research part and I do have slightly more than 200 content ideas targetting low-competition keywords. But this will be an ongoing process, I will continue to find more whenever I can.  Most of the contents will be informational type instead of a product review.

The tools that I mainly used are

  • KeySearch Tool – Yes, this is the main tool search for keywords and also helps me to check on the top 10 SERP, KD, and Volume Search and my competitors. You can refer to this affordable product review over here.
  • Google Sheets – To keep track of all my keywords ideas, including KD/Vol information etc, and the status of the content.

Engage More Freelance Writers

At the same time,  I managed to find 3 more writers as I need to produce more new content in the first six months currently I only have 1 writer who I work with for more than a year but she is working on various different sites including Project Leo.

I also stopped engaging with one writer in December 2021 who mainly focus on my Project Leo site last year due to the content quality has been inconsistent and the TAT being longer than before.

Social Media Presence

The site already created Facebook Page and I also just started Pinterest Page as well last month. As you can see from my Project Leo, it did help to attract more traffic from Pinterest to the website. Currently, I am creating new pins on Pinterest manually.

Moving forward, I am likely will be using a similar automated method to post a new pin whenever there is a new article.

Project Sagi’s Target for Year 2022

These will be 3 key targets hopefully I can achieve in the Year 2022. I will do a half-yearly review again or earlier if there are some breakthrough

  1. Another 200 new contents
  2. At least 100 visitors daily by 2022
  3. 100% increase of income for display Ads and Amazon Affiliate

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this Project will have some breakthroughs in the year 2022 and I will apply the past experience from Project Leo and knowledge to better management for this website.

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