Year 2022 Resolutions & 2021 Recaps

2022 Resolutions and 2021 Recaps

A brand new year is a time for many people to renew their commitment to themselves and the world around them.

Personally, I feel resolutions are important & useful to set at the beginning of a new year. They help us establish new habits and practices, which can be beneficial to our lives as they may lead to improved self-confidence, better physical health, self-development, and an increased sense of self-worth.


What Have I Achieved in 2021?

For me,  I feel that I have been focusing more on learning, trying to pick up new things, self-improvement in 2021 due to the Covid-19 situation as we are unable to travel overseas and work from home most of the time. Lets me break down different categories and motivate myself a bit with what I have achieved.

Personal Finance in 2021

Even though I did not spend anything on the overseas trip etc but quite of significate amount of expenses on my dental, driving, classes and refurnish my daughter’s bedroom with wardrobe, bedframe, and shelves.

Overall, I am still quite pleased that I managed to increase the following:

  • About 100% increase for my emergency funds
  • 20% increase for local stocks portfolio
  • Commit additional ETF monthly RSP in FSMOne
  • Contribute half-yearly in USD in digiPortfolio with DBS

Personal Health in 2021

I have always been very conscious about my weight and try not to put on too much weight ever since I managed to reduce my weight down to about 72Kg in 2018 from over 82-85 kg. Glad that my weight was between 72-73kg throughout 2021.

Ever since working from home most of the time, my daily steps have always been fall below 10,000 steps therefore the only easy way to burn calories will be running. I  will always try to make myself run every week but there are some weeks that I am unable to run due to either feeling unwell, work, classes, vaccination unable to run, or driving class.  I am using the free version of the Runkeeper app to keep track of my progress for maybe more than 10 years ever since I started using iPhone 3s.

Here are some snapshots of all my 2021 runs, even though it is not a lot compared to those good runners but glad that am able to cover 95km and burn away over 8,600 calories over 32 runs.

b41- 2021 recaps runkeeper progress - 2


b41- 2021 recaps runkeeper progress

Personal Development & Improvement in 2021

I enrolled in driving and managed to get my class 3 around Oct 2021 which I covered in this article here. For certification which is for my career, I also managed to get certified for Google Cloud Associate Engineer, you can refer to the simple guide over here more on how I prepared for the Google Cloud ACE exam.

For Chinese Metaphysics which is my personal interest, I also completed all 3 levels of Zi Wei Dou Shu classes with my teacher, Master Andrew.

In addition, I did my DIY skill for my home slightly improve as the apartment I am staying in right now is about 8 years and there are scenarios that I need to replace the LED driver, replace the kitchen taps, do simple fixing of shelves, etc.

Side Hustles or Projects in 2021

In fact, not much breakthrough in this area where I actually focusing on one of my oldest, biggest sites which are Project Leo able to achieve 10,000 pageviews monthly where can boost my side income from display ADs.

Although I still receive a paycheck from Amazon Affiliate like every 2 months and that is the only income so far. Multiple google core updates in 2021 hit Project Leo quite badly especially in December 2021.

Anyway, I will take it as a learning experience since this is my first affiliate site where I did a lot of testing like links building, content for my learning.  My plan for this site I will still continue to put in new content regularly but will not as much as 2022.

My other smaller sites still doing quite well, growing very slowly where I will be likely focus on these sites more in 2022. Another breakthrough, I also launched a simple Bazi Calculator app, a beta version on one of the smaller sites that covered Chinese Metaphysics.

My 2022 Resolutions

I will try to keep it simple and breakdown into different areas just like the recap 2021 earlier.

Personal Finance in 2022

The main objective is to save more for a rainy day and the growth of my investment portfolio for my future retirement.

In short, to keep it simple for both my liquid cash & investment can have another 100% increase since the sum is not that huge compared to others. This also largely depends on my main source of income which will be the amount of performance bonus yearly pay increments and how I manage my expenses.

Personal Health in 2022

Not to put on weight is one of my targets every year since 2018. Similar to this year, I will be still the same size physically or it will be even better if I am able to slightly reduce my weight by 1-2 kg which will be around 70-71 Kg.

As for running, to achieve and cover mileage more than 2021.

Personal Development & Improvement in 2022

For my career, I am not sure whether to change to a new job in 2022 yet to have a better breakthrough but have to depend on other factors to consider since I have a kid.

I have started to brush up on my Linux understanding and right now doing LPI Linux Essential through an online course on Acloudguru. Next, hopefully, my organization is able to send for courses like Nuatnix so I am able to get certified on this.

Side Hustles or Projects in 2022

I will still continue to learn & work on the existing sites and hopefully, I can share my personal experience and more insights over here while working on those sites.

My main focus likely will not be the Project Leo site but I will still keep it active to upload new content weekly and to update the existing content.  The main focus will be to inject more new content on one of the smaller sites.

As for Project Leo, it was my first site and due to my lack of understanding, experience, and poor planning, the content does have multi niches like wirecutter, TheVerge. I will see how it goes in the year 2022 although I did put a lot of time and money on this site initially. The plan for Project Leo will be to put new content weekly.

I also want to improve the metaphysics app for my Chinese metaphysics website. As usual, I will write 1-2 new content every month. The progress is slow and this site is mainly for my personal interest and recap what I had learned for my Chinese Metaphysics.

Hopefully, by end of 2022, all my sites will be growing with more visitors and have a more regular stable income from all these sites.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, my resolutions are not that unrealistic and should be achievable if I am able to put in efforts during my free time at home.

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