About By41

About By Forty One

A man of many hats! A husband, also a son, and most importantly a father too.

Going to hit 37 soon when I started this site  and bred in Singapore.

People do call me HB in real life and as for in internet space like forums I am known as Zac.

My current day job is working as an IT manager in a local firm.

With over 12 years of experience in different industries from FMCG, education and healthcare since 2008.

Different stages of my career involve different job scopes comprising programming, end-user support, projects, application, business analyst, databases, IT infrastructure.

Whenever I am free, love to explore SEO, photography, Chinese metaphysics.

I do play a mobile game too and usually known as Issaru, using this nick for years. I do have a youtube channel for gaming in the past with over 130 subscribers.

The main reason why setting up this site because to document down my journey, self-motivate myself, share my learning through the years.

Hopefully, there is a breakthrough in my life to provide a better living for my family.

Why is it called By Forty-One?

Simply because when I started this site in March 2021, I am still 36 to be exact as I born in December.

I am giving myself a 5-year target which will be by 41 years old to achieve goals that I have set for myself.

What are My Goals

The main objectives will be financial independence and not depend on my monthly paycheck from my day job. As I will not know what will happen to me one day if I lose my job one day?

Ultimately,  my motive will be to give my family a better quality of life.

1. Achieve financially independent with no worries when I am without a full-time job

2. Able to grow/manage my other source of income more than my day job paycheck.

3. To have at least 12 months of emergency funds