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Good stuff should share, right? Alright, over here I will be consolidating all those useful tools and resources from building websites, personal developments in my daily life.  All these recommendations are not just simply to build extra content for myself to earn commission via affiliate links etc.  I have used it personally and most importantly, always been using all these for my work and daily life.

For each tool, there might have a link to my personal review page about these tools, services or products also note that there will be affiliate links as well which may help me to earn a bit of small commission.

This page will be breakdown into a few smaller sections for you to easier to navigate.


Web Hosting

Similar to a human, every website needs a house to store all the stuff like images, contents, etc. Over here are some of the web hostings services that I personally use it


Since 2021, I have migrated most of my sites over to Cloudways from Inmotion Hosting. You may want to review my review over here and also find out more at Cloudways

Find Out More At Cloudways

Read also:How Do I Host My WordPress Site on Cloudways Hosting?


I also use Namecheap for my hosting as well for a few other smaller, newer sites that use AI-generated content.

SEO Tools

Here are some of the tools that I have been always been using:


When I started off with my first website, this is my first tool to use for keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, etc. The subscription is affordable and I feel is a good keyword alternative for starters compared to the well-known tools SEMRUSH or AHREF.

Find Out More At Keysearch

I also did a review on this Keysearch tool with some of their key features over here: Keysearch Review – Affordable Alternative Keywords Research Tool

Keywords Atlas

Started to use this tool and it was able to help me save time & manual efforts to extract all the possible keywords, phrases for your money, or informational content from the Search engine. In short, another alternative for keyword chefs. I will do a review soon once I have fully explored this tool.

Graphics Design & Images


This tool I started off using from my mobile phone to on my laptop today. I used it very often for my feature images in WordPress, Pinterest pin, social media banners, Youtube Thumbnails, Logos for my websites. Another easy-to-use tool for those non-graphic designers likes me yet able to produce professional & presentable graphics.

Find Out More At Canvas

My review and short tutorial about Canvas features over here: Is Canva Pro Worth It?


SEO MADE EASY by Evan Bailyn

B41 - SEO MADE EASY by Evan Bailyn

Recommended by a good friend of mine. A good informative book to start off with SEO.