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By41 - How to Setup Amazon One Link

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and many people try to make money off by joining the affiliate programs by promoting their products on the site in exchange for a commission.

While promoting the products to your audience or visitors where they are not from a similar country and how can you promote by using one single link instead? This is what Amazon One Link allows you to do.

For example, I am using this Amazon One Link feature for some of my sites when I noticed my site has at least 10-15% regular visitors from the UK, Canada. In this way, my existing amazon URL link will redirect to Amazon UK or Amazon Canada site instead of Amazon US site for the UK or Canada visitors when they do the purchase.


Amazon One Link is a new way to earn commissions with Amazon Associates. It enables you to get paid for visitors from outside the US regardless of where they are browsing on your website. Making it more convenient and accessible.

Previously, in order to monetize your international traffic with Amazon One Link you needed a JavaScript snippet called OneTag. As of 2020, this is no longer the case and you will be able to use One Link without installing anything.

With these universal amazon links, you definitely able to enjoy the following benefits

1. Enjoy commission from other countries

Under Amazon Onelink,  you can enjoy commissions from 7 other countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan & Canada as of Oct 2021. Not sure whether they will extend to more countries in the future like Singapore? To access Onelink, you can go into your Amazon Associate Central after you log to your account, go over to the top menu, and select Tools -> One Link. You should be able to see this banner

 Amazon Universal Links

As mentioned earlier, in my case I am able to enjoy commissions from Amazon UK & Canada using just one button or link only on my website. The screenshot below is one of my websites besides getting commission from Amazon US, still able to enjoy from other 2 countries as well which make up 25% of the total earnings.

B41 - Amazon Onelink

2. Avoid confusion and bring more convenience for yourself and your target audience

I also briefly covered in the earlier section, you can simply use one link for example your usual Amazon US affiliate link is able to redirect your visitor based on their location.

I ever come across sites before that actually showed a few buttons indicating Amazon US, Amazon UK, etc just for one product only. Hence, it will not only create additional work for the webmaster and also your readers due to confusion that flooded with different links & buttons.

In this section, we will discuss how to set up Amazon One Link.

1. Create an Amazon Affiliate program account

So if you haven’t yet, make sure you create a US Amazon account first that allows you to link an international account to one in the Amazon Affiliate US account.

Next, you also need to create an Amazon account for each country that you want. Here are your links to sign up for that particular country’s Amazon Associates account.

After you have your Amazon US account created, you can go to Tools -> One Link which can be found at the top menu.

Step 2 access to amazon one link

Step 3 amazon one link

Click on the Click here to link under Step 1 (refer to above screenshot).

It will redirect to a new page then click on the + Add Store ID and enter the store ID for that country.

For example, after you have created an Amazon UK account, enter the UK store ID that you have just created earlier on Step 1 –

B41 - Step 3b add store id

In this example, I will enter this UK store ID – testyouraccount-21 and click on the submit.

Step 3c enter store id

4. Repeat the steps

To link to more different country’s stores, you can repeat the step again from step 2 after you have the Amazon account created with the store id for that specific country.

Can I use a similar email address to sign up for the different country’s Amazon Affiliate Account?

Yes. In fact, I believe you can login into all different countries’ affiliate program account using a similar email address & password without signing up.

Wrapping Up

Hope you will find this simple explanation guide for Amazon One Link useful. Do feel free to comment and share with me your experience with Amazon One Link too.

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