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Pinterest Automatic Pin Wordpress Plugin

Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media platforms, and it’s easy to see why. So far based on my personal experience, it drives more traffic than other social media like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn combined so we’ve seen a lot of growth in recent years.

Therefore, I did try to create every new pin for each WordPress post on one of my sites which is Project Leo. As an individual, with the help of automatic tools like Pinterest Automatic Pin able to lessen my burden and process to maintain the Pinterest account.


What is Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin?

In short, this is a WordPress plugin developed by ValvePress to help you to pin images from your WordPress post to your Pinterest account automatically.

This WordPress plugin available at Codecanyon is a one-time cost and only costs you $21 USD. You can find out more about the key features, demo, etc over here.

Find Out More About Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin Here

Why do I like About Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin?

Personally, I love some pretty cool features in this plugin. Most importantly for the new users,  there are videos, documentation to help you with the initial setup.

1. User-friendly for new users with useful tutorial

I think this is very important as this also determines whether you should spend money on this WordPress plugin.  The setup is also pretty simple and straightforward to get you started.

One example will be in the initial setup after installing the plugin, is to get the Pinterest session cookie ID. They provide the video tutorial link which I think is easy to understand.

Tutorial Link for Pinterest Automatic Pin

2. Decent Support

I am unable to recall whether did I contact their support for assistance. Usually, other than looking at the seller rating, reviews, and how did they respond to the comments especially those who have purchased the plugin from them. Valvepress’s reviews and ratings are good and as of Nov 2021, they did achieve 4.69 stars consisting of 557 ratings.

Valvepress Support Rating

For their support, you can look into the comments. I did browse through the pages randomly not only to the latest pages for their comment. Overall, the support is good and they did respond & address well enough to all the comments.

3. Auto Detect Images In Your WordPress Article

This is one of the key features of this plugin. It is good enough to detect all the images in the articles and also allows you to choose which images to post on your Pinterest board. In addition, this also includes images in your featured image for the article.

In this example, this article actually with 2 images. Furthermore, the Modify Pin Variable option allows you to have the flexibility to choose the Pinterest board you want to post it to.

B41- Auto Detect Images to Pin on Your Pinterest Board

4. Auto Detect Images

This is one of the key features of this plugin. It is good enough to detect all the images in the articles and also allows you to choose which images to post on your Pinterest board.

How Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin Benefits Me?

As mentioned earlier, like an individual blogger or someone with a very small team it will definitely bring me some benefits during the process while semi-managing the Pinterest account.

1. Save Time and Efforts

Instead of manually logging in to your Pinterest account to create a new Pin for your new WordPress post.

You can do everything on one platform which is your WordPress website instead. In other words, you do not need to log in to Pinterest yet you still can keep your Pinterest active.

2. Grow Your Pinterest Account Organically

I was quite surprised with the result after about a year whereby I did not do anything or analyzed yet to grow my Pinterest account. Initially, I planned to try out Tailwind to schedule and manage the social media posting for Pinterest. But I guess for a start why not try this plugin first to keep my Pinterest look active since the website has at least 5-10 posts every month.

As of the past year, without doing anything on. This Pinterest account for the website managed to get over 30k views monthly and 35 followers. I believe it will still continue to grow slowly and steadily as long there are new Pins created regularly.

Grow Your Pinterest Automatically over 30k views with Automtic Pin WordPress Plugin

3. Increase Site Traffic

As your Pinterest Pins get traction, it will also indirectly drive more traffic from Pinterest to your website.

According to my Project Leo, also shows that about 15% of the social channels. Out of the 15% from social media, 98% came from Pinterest which actually contributes quite a significate amount of the overall site traffic.

Social Media Traffic from Pinterest

Final Thoughts

Hopefully by sharing this personal experience will get you better insights about this Automate Pinterest Pin plugin. Although there may be another similar plugin in the market too, feel free to recommend me in the comment here. I might give it a try on my other website.

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