Project Leo – April 2021 Update

By41 - Project Leo April 2021

Hi, again for the monthly update for Project Leo. There is not much improvement for this site traffics and after some analysis, I suspect one of my pages used to have 20-30 % of my pageviews has dropped.



In total, only managed to add 9 articles for the month of April and which is similar to March 2021. Currently, when I am updating this post, the site currently has about 131 articles and which is 69 articles away from my target.

I will try to challenge myself for upcoming June to have 20- 30 posts at least which will be one article per day if there are 30 posts. There are 2 most time-consuming parts over my end. One of them will be preparing article requirements for my writer to write and also do post and edit the new articles on the website.

Content for April 2021


The daily traffic is mostly around 150 and in the range between 100- 150 most of the days.  There is an unusual spike on 13 April and I think there is about 300 bot traffic suddenly went to my site

To summarise for April 2021:

Total Users: 3,863

Total Pageviews: 5,284

Bounce Rate: 80.35%

Traffics for April 2021

This is the breakdown by different traffic sources for the month of April 2021. Over 92% from Organic and 2% is from social media which is mostly from Pinterest.

Traffic Source all channels for April 2021

On the positive side if to compared against April 2020. There is a 262% increase this year in the number of users and a 289% increase for the pageviews. Hopefully, I can see steady growth again for next year.

Traffic for April 2021 vs 2020


As for the income, I have removed Media.Net WordPress plugins while I trying to improve the site speed when removing some unused WP plugins. I might put it back end of May.

As for Amazon earnings, there is a decrease compared to last month, March.

Lastly, no income for link placement even though there are requests as the offers will way too low.

Amazon Affiliate: $12.33

Media Net: –

Link Placement:

Total: $12.33

Amazon Affiliate Earnings - April 2021

Planning for the next month

As for May 2021, as usual, will continue to add more articles every week and also trying to do some minor link buildings.  Hope to see some great improvement and breakthrough towards the end of the year.

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